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Google: We’re Going To Be Evil

So… Here’s the answer from the horse’s mouth, via a question NPR’s Andy Carvin asked Google CEO Eric Schmidt: Google+ is not a social network. It’s an identity service and Google intends to “leverage” (i.e.sell) the personal identity information it demands — demands! mind you — that you give it in exchange for the privilege of using the G+ service.

Even more interesting is Schmidt’s attitude about the policy, which amounts to: If you don’t like it, fuck you, go someplace else. Sound familiar? Like maybe, cough cough, Facebook?

I don’t believe Google’s position on this is tenable. I’ve maintained for weeks now that Google is seriously fumbling its one big chance to knock Facebook off of it’s perch by proving that there’s big money to be made be in the social media sphere by not being a scumbag. I still think that’s true. But it is beginning to look more and more like it won’t be Google that proves it. Their “don’t be evil” policy seems to stop at the Google+ door – if it ever really existed at all.

If they keep this up, I may have to rethink my many connections to Google’s services. If they have this attitude toward my personal identity information, what in the hell are they already doing with the other information I have on their servers?

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